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Solid IT talent is hard to find.   We know.

With 15 years of ERP and IT staffing niche talent resource management, EXCEL Consultants saw a huge demand for dedicated, expert consultants.

With a “near zero” overhead business model, EXCEL Consultants beats out the competition; ensuring that you get the ROI you deserve.

Thus, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters: delivering results to your projects, buyers and clients.

Looking for IT Experts?


There are no “smoke and mirrors” in our approach to connecting you with the best IT professionals around the world. You can trust that we operate with complete transparency and truth.

What sets us apart from other Staffing / Recruiting / Consulting companies?

Our consultants have **verifiable** IT experience of at least 8 years, and nearly all of them have over 10 years. They have excellent communication skills and deep understanding of their primary module with its integration touch points for knowledge transfer.

Our goal is to earn every customer’s business and we intend on doing that so, give us a call today and see if we can exceed your expectations

You can count on EXCEL Consultants for support. EXCEL Consultants are industry specific and process-oriented across the entire enterprise suite of IT solutions.

Our network of qualified IT personnel and extensive reach within this key market, coupled with proven experience and expertise, has positioned us well to deliver to our customers’ needs across the globe.

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